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11/14/11: The Basic Runway Strut For Men

Not to leave out the men, here is a quick and basic guideline from reFresh Talent on how to own the runway.


11/10/11: The Basic Catwalk: How to Rock the Runway

Strutting your stuff in high heels while exuding beauty and confidence is not as easy as it may appear. We, at reFresh Talent, realize that confidence can be hard to muster when you’re worried about falling and breaking an ankle, so we have come up with a few tips to help you develop your own signature catwalk. 

11/4/11: So You Want to be a reFresh Talent Model?

Modeling seems like a very cool and glamorous job, but just like any career choice, it takes hard work and commitment. On the bright side, instead of working on spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, you get to practice making sexy smoldering faces, striking poses in the mirror and finding as many opportunities as possible to get in front of the camera.   

11/1/11: reFresh Talent Agency Makes its Debut!

10/27/11: How to Take Correct Body Measurements:

If you want to be a model or just look great wearing well-fitting clothes, you need to know your true measurements. With the low-slung fashions of today, many of us don’t even know where our natural waist is! This is crucial information that modeling agencies like reFresh Talent rely on.

What’s the big deal?

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