11/14/11: The Basic Runway Strut For Men

Not to leave out the men, here is a quick and basic guideline from reFresh Talent on how to own the runway.


Mastering Your Walk
First and foremost, posture is key. Stand straight and tall exuding attitude and confidence. Walk with your feet fairly close together (not far apart like a cowboy or an uber muscular athlete) and walk with your feet side by side with your arms swinging closely and naturally at your side.  Make sure you have ample room to practice your “walk”, perhaps down the length of your hallway, have some music playing and, if possible, a full length mirror to watch yourself.

You’ve Got the Look
While making your way down the catwalk, look straight ahead, not making eye contact with a spectator and do not dip the chin.  

A Hands On Approach
Do not clench your fists but let them rest in a natural position unless you are opting for a laid back look by placing hands in pockets. Please refrain from any exaggerated arm movements and swinging and also from any overdone facial expressions.

Strike a Pose
At the end of the runway, slow down and pause then on the balls of the feet rock right then left and then turn and return up the ramp.

Remember: practice, practice, practice until you have developed your own rockin’ signature style.  Once you feel confident with your walk, grab a friend and have them shoot a quick video so you can see yourself from a different perspective.

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