11/4/11: So You Want to be a reFresh Talent Model?

Modeling seems like a very cool and glamorous job, but just like any career choice, it takes hard work and commitment. On the bright side, instead of working on spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, you get to practice making sexy smoldering faces, striking poses in the mirror and finding as many opportunities as possible to get in front of the camera.   

Here are a few important and necessary items to assist you when submitting your information to reFresh Talent, plus a couple of “tips” to make it all a bit easier.

Tip #1 Be realistic about the type of modeling you are suited for.

  • If you have height on your side and are 5’ 9” or above, fashion shows and print ads will be fantastic for you.

  • If you are 5’ 7” and above, catalogs and/or digital media is a great opportunity.

  • If you are a bit short on the height but are attractive, personable and confident, promotional work and trade shows are a great and more people-oriented side to the world of modeling.

There are so many different types of modeling available to you so don’t be discouraged if you are not rail thin and 5’10. The staff at reFresh Talent Agency can assist you in finding the right type of work to suit you and your unique physical characteristics.

We will need your current height, weight and accurate measurements. This is very important because clothing for photo shoots, fashion shows, etc are pre-arranged and based upon the measurements you provided on your information sheets.  If the clothes do not fit, photo shoots will have to be cancelled and/or you will be replaced in a fashion show.    If you are unsure of how to take proper body measurements or what type of measurements are needed, please click on our previous reFresh Talent Blog entry on "How to take Correct Body Measurements".

Next, we will need a few photos.  The types of photos we require are head shot, full body shot, a profile and also a photo of you smiling.   We want to see what YOU look like so minimal to no makeup is preferable.  Also, though the photos do not have to be of professional quality, they do need to be clear and with only you in them.  We know you love your pooch but please refrain from submitting photos of you and your pets, friends, etc.

Tip #2  When you do get the call from reFresh Talent, you may be asked to leave your photos behind for consideration so please be prepared and have multiple copies of your photos printed and ready.  Write your name, age, height and contact number on the back of each picture.  It is a good idea to make and afix labels to the backs of your photos instead of handwriting.  They are easier to read, makes it look nice and uniform and above all, you can print a bunch at one time.

Just remember that products are geared to different people and backgrounds so many, "types", are needed and in constant demand. Be patient, be prepared and don’t be discouraged because there are unlimited possibilities for every look and age.  reFresh Talent can help you in realizing your dreams of being a model.

Happy Posing!!