12/12/11: Model Casting: A Guide for Men

Making a Great Impression at a Model Casting: A Guide for Men

It's best to think of attending a model open call like you would a job interview or a first date. You want to make a positive and lasting impression to get the job or the girl, right? Here is a basic guideline to help you through an open model casting.

Neat and Trim:
We know you are busy but we want to feel like you are making an effort to see us, so please show up cleanly shaven or if you have a beard or goatee, neatly trimmed. Hair should be clean and brushed away from your face so we can see its structure.

Show Your Pearly Whites:
I can’t stress what a difference a bright white smile makes on your overall appearance. Use a whitening toothpaste OR, make a paste from 1 tsp baking soda and a few drops of peroxide, and brush it like you would using a regular toothpaste.

Get Buffed:
Clean and trim nails. If you work with paints or toil in the soil, please scrub your nails with a brush before coming to see us!

A Blank Canvas:
If the agency has made a specific request or recommendation for what to wear then you can skip this part. If nothing was mentioned, choose clothing that fits you well, shows off your physique and is fairly neutral in style. You are like a blank canvas, and we need to be able to envision how your look can be best suited for our clients. Avoid clothing that is too tight, unflattering colors, patterns or loud slogans, and, please, no man jewelry.

A pair of jeans or khaki pants and a basic shirt that complements your skin tone works well. These pieces allow us to see your shape and the basic structure of your arms, chest and legs. Another option for warmer weather is a close fitting t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts.

Say No to Flips:
Remember this is an interview, so save your flips for the beach and wear clean sneakers or shoes.

Remember, your attitude can make or break your interview so check your baggage and sour mood at the door. We want to know that you take your job seriously and that you are professional, courteous and timely.

Good luck!

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