5/13/12: Think You Have What it Takes to be a Model?

3/23/12: A Model’s Guide to Being Safe

A Model’s Guide to Being Safe

11/12/12: Recent press on CEO and Founder, Alice Kim Cowell

Riviera Modern Luxury, November 2012:


Greer's OC 20 Questions, Feb 29, 2012:



Orange County Business Journal, Feb. 6, 2012:

12/26/11: ReFresh Model, Caroline for Apriori Beauty

We loved working with Apriori Beauty for the video launch of their new Nothing to Hide line! Check out ReFresh Talent model Caroline getting perfect skin using their mineral makeup.

12/19/11: Making a Great First Impression

Making a Great First Impression at a Model Casting

When attending an agency open call, it is best to look as natural as possible. It’s one of the very few occasions when I will say, “less is more!” Simple is the key word here…simple makeup, simple jewelry and very simple clothing. ReFresh Talent needs to see what you look like; the condition of your skin and the shape of your figure. Here is a basic guideline to help you through an open call.

12/12/11: Model Casting: A Guide for Men

Making a Great Impression at a Model Casting: A Guide for Men

It's best to think of attending a model open call like you would a job interview or a first date. You want to make a positive and lasting impression to get the job or the girl, right? Here is a basic guideline to help you through an open model casting.

12/7/11: ReFresh Beauty Tips From the Pantry: Brown Sugar Scrub

I received some great sugar scrub a few years back and used it almost every day. I lived too far from the nearest boutique to order another jar, so I knew the time would come when I would have to say farewell to my new-found love. When every last granule was gone I started adding brown sugar to the existing oil and was pleasantly surprised that it was just as great AND I was able to make it stretch just a tad bit longer.

12/1/11: Win a 1-year modeling contract with ReFresh

We’re on the lookout for fresh faces in the OC! If you’re an experienced model needing representation in Orange County or someone who’s always wanted to get into modeling, we want to meet you! 

We’re offering 1-year non-exclusive modeling contracts to new talent, plus we’ll be choosing 3 lucky applicants to receive a free professional photo shoot to add to their portfolio. Check out our new ad in Locale Magazine and feel free to share this info with your friends!

11/18/11: ReFresh Beauty Tips from the Pantry

Exfoliator & Facial Mask from the pantry

I love a facial as much as the next person, but sometimes I just want to skip the frilly pampering and go right to the glowing results. Here are a few recipes that I frequently use to exfoliate and soothe my face whenever I feel like I need to brighten things up a bit. The best part is that you probably have all the ingredients in your refrigerator and it can be done in less than 30 minutes!

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